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About Us

Associated Auto Body & Trucks, Inc. was established in 1948. Since that time, we have expanded our current 70,000 square foot indoor facility at 405 Raymond Blvd. in Newark, NJ. Our four acre facility is conveniently located 1 minute off the New Jersey Turnpike at Exit 15E.

Class A mechanics. Class A collision repair.

We repair over 5,000 autos, trucks, buses, trailers, municipal and emergency vehicles every year.

State of NJ Auto Body Repair License: 01155A

Who We Serve

Insurance Companies

Trucking Fleets


Sanitation Companies

Auto Leasing Companies

Emergency Services

Delivery Services

Repair Shops

Private Owners

Appraisal Companies

Fleet Managers

Individual Operators

Repair your truck without hassle

Our Capabilities

Early on in the process, we give a date of completion and it’s posted in the windshield at the truck. Everybody in the company knows what the deadline is.

We have 30+ long-term, highly experienced technicians working on the floor. This allows us to almost always meet or beat the estimated date of completion.

Truck Repair
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